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Who We Are - Deeps Driving School.

Deeps Driving school has many years experience in the driver training industry in Melbourne. We provide professional driving instructors to our clients, striving towards creating exceptional all round drivers for our roads. Our determination to provide competitive prices for our lessons combined with high quality driver training has been the benchmark for the industry.
We are Melbourne Number One Driving School. We have trained over thousand satisfied students in Melbourne and got their driving licence first go.
Deeps Driving School has earned a reputation for trustworthy service and best drivers training school in Melbourne. We have been providing thousands of beginner and intermediate drivers, driving techniques and skills needed to drive safely and expertly on the roads of Melbourne, Victoria.
Deeps Driving School want to make Melbourne roads safer for everyone by providing students with an opportunity to learn the most modern driving techniques from the best teachers in safe and professional environments.Learn More

Our Services

Overseas Licence Conversion

You know how to drive so quick pass your driving test in less than a week for an Overseas Licence Conversion. Some of you have Permanent Residency (PR) and do not have any time to waste. During driving lessons our instructors give a full explanation of the Vicroads overseas licence conversion test format whileteaching you on Official Vicroads Testing Routes so you can pass the test easily. Overseas drivers who are experienced in their country but not in Melbourne do a minimum of 5 hours of training.Learn More

Learn To Drive - Get Your Ps

Whether you are a new and nervous learner driver or never even driven a car before will not be a problem as we conduct driving lessons in Melbourne with patient driving instructors who base lessons on communication, achievement and enjoyment.
Learner drivers who are approaching or have completed the 120 log book hours and are nearly ready for the driving test we recommend a minimum of 5 hours of driving lessons.Learn More

Victorian Driver's Licence Information

"Deeps Driving School" obtain your Victorian driver's licence with quality driving lessons on official Vicroads testing routes in Melbourne where you gain a major advantage toward passing the drive test. Driving instructor is licensed and extensively trained.
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