Victorian Driver's Licence Information

"Deeps Driving School" obtain your Victorian driver's licence with quality driving lessons on official Vicroads testing routes in Melbourne where you gain a major advantage toward passing the drive test. Driving instructor is licensed and extensively trained.

With our driver education program you can expect the following:

• One on one professional and exclusive driving lessons in Melbourne with no other clients in the car. You receive the full attention of our instructors as best practice. (You may be accompanied by a parent or friend)
• Don't pay extra. All driving lessons are the same price including early morning, after hours, weekends and all holidays
• Competitive range of driving lessons including packages combined with the driving test
• Pick up and drop off as required. We do however recommend meeting at Vicroads for best results and value for money in obtaining your license.
• Our driving instructors know and teach you the official Vicroads testing routes where you gain a massive advantage in passing the driving test

Victorian Driver's Licence Procedure

Download Road to Solo Driving Handbook Free. You must first pass the learner permit test/knowledge test, the Hazard Perception Test before attempting the Vicroads practical driving test. The practical driving test drive takes up to 45 minutes conducted on set testing routes.

Teaching On Vicroads Testing Routes

Driving lessons are typically conducted on official Vicroads testing routes covering the Vicroads drive test procedures and criteria, so all drivers (learner drivers and overseas drivers) can gain an understanding of the types of instructions the Vicroads testing officer will ask and the format of the Vicroads driving test which is a great advantage to passing the test and attaining your Victorian driver's licence.

Booking Your Driving Test

Our driving packages including driving tests are fees paid to the driving school for our instructors to accompany and support you with our vehicles.
You still need to book and pay Vicroads for the driving test appointment and licence fees.

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